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What is Docker?

It took me a while to really get what Docker is. Some people will present it as a light-view containers manager, and compare it to classic virtual machines. Others will present it as a way to deploy easily a software environment, and compare it to Chef. It’s actually both, and more.

I Migrate to Jekyllrb

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From Wordpress to Jekyll

I started a blog a few month ago with the framework wordpress, but I was not convinced about the user interface. For instance, here are a few drawbacks that annoyed me:

  • The default templates are a little bit primitive, and you have to download and install new ones for custom layouts (recipies, etc.)
  • Creating a template is a heavy process, requiring some knowledge in PHP language: I don’t know very much about PHP, and frankly, I’m not really interested to learn it for the basic purpose of blogging. I would have prefer some more modern/sexy web technology if I have to dig into it (javascript frameworks, dart, python, ruby …).
  • No version-control by default

Wordpress is still a really nice framework, but it didn’t fit me needs. I started to look for newer blogging framework, and I discover Jekyll.

Introduction to AngularJS

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I discovered recently this exciting framework, and even if I’m still a beginner in it, I presented it to my colleagues to share my enthusiasm. Here are the slides i used for the presentation.

Be Passionate

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Live your passion…now

I am a cautious person. I like to weigh pros and cons before making a choice. I always prevailed¬†adaptability¬†over personal beliefs. But if I learned one thing in the last few years, it’s that being good is all about passion.

There are plenty of average software developers considering development as a job. There is nothing wrong about that. But if you really want to learn and progress, you should focus on people who live their passion.